facts about me #21 – #30

#21. I have never had a cheeseburger (or any burger with a beef patty) my whole life

#22. I loathe studying

#23. If i picked up a winning lottery ticket, I’d claim it

#24. I’ve fantasized about eating a burger watching the host of a food show, but I know I won’t eat one.

#25. I miss eating a mountain full of food but never having to worry about health and weight.

#26. If I could travel whenever to wherever, I wouldn’t mind giving up art.

#27. I would overcome my dread for limelight if I was approached to be a travel host.

#28. If I were tall, I’ll be a supermodel for awhile so I can wear pretty clothes.

#29. If mermaids were real and they look as gorgeous as fiction made them to be, I’d like to be one.

#30. I wouldn’t mind being a fairy, or a nymph or whatever hot looking mythical creature that uses magic for everything in life and they will never have to study or work for money.

facts about me #14 – #20

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