i think being logical is essential in an argument. because even if the other party starts getting impatient, the worse i can be is brief and vague so I can avoid as many misunderstandings as possible.

BUT. this doesn’t usually work in my favor. Usually being calm and brief will cool things down so its easier to talk but when it backfires as being accused of not caring, I will get annoyed too. With the impatience and misunderstanding to add, I’ll just be distant.

to be honest. when I think its not my fault. I’ll usually just keep my peace until the other party attempts to reconcile. If i have already bothered to reinitiate civil talks, I’d appreciate it if my attempts to be civil and calm is returned. I could have chose to throw a tantrum in an attempt to be fussed over. I can always choose to say, “Shut up or F off! You don’t understand me”. My keeping calm means I understand and respect that you have emotions too so I’ll let you vent it out so its possible to talk peacefully.

Maybe I should do what I’ve been encouraged to do and throw tantrums, because keeping calm and logical is underrated and unappreciated. Maybe when I start making life hell for people will they realize that I’ve been trying my best to take my share of crap out of their lives.

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