idiot: (noun) People who think that trying and being considerate makes things better. loser: (noun) someone who cares enough to be emotionally affected when other(s) seems fine and happy. moron: (noun) a person who has no words to say in down times. Advertisements

grumpy and somewhat sleepy sunday morning

I hate coughing, if I could, I’d throw my whole throat (gullet and vocal chords, etc) away just to stop coughing. To be honest, yes its itchy, yes it can be tiring but oohing beats the pressure from people around me that stresses me out. I know they care, but stressing me out making my … Continue reading

Protected: ranting

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

one thing leads to another

everybody says that i don’t verbalize my thoughts. what is there to say? I believe actions speak louder than words. My thoughts, believes and aspirations are all translated into actions. Its even more ironic that people who preach these to me don’t share more while expecting me to do the exact opposite. stop making me … Continue reading

thoughts on 06.07.2012

I guess we’re both the kind that has a good intention behind our words/actions even if they aren’t the most desirable at that point of time. Thats why we can relate to each other about relationship “woes”. Think before you anger and there will be less misunderstandings and silences caused by the sense of unjust … Continue reading

7 essential skills for a healthy relationship

#1. Communication This category involves critically important skills: knowing how to listen, sharing your thoughts and feelings honestly, refraining from criticising and encouraging your partner to share his or her feelings. I don’t think I have a problem with listening. I am willing to share, maybe sometimes selective, prior that I’ll think if its convenient … Continue reading

even more randomness

#1. I think to become an internet celebrity and translate your popularity into cold hard cash, one must either be… -Pretty/Hot/Sexy/Hunky/Cute -Bitchy/Mean -Talented -Retarded/Lame/Gross/Weird/Reckless -2 or more of the above but good looks is compulsory. The only exception is when you write product or food reviews and you are not required to show your face … Continue reading

random thought

I think after I graduate, I should sell pancakes and all day breakfast from 6am to 2pm every day. — I’d be able to do something fun and be happy. After 2pm I can go make art