arguing with a mute

yep, what honor or accomplishments do you get when arguing with a mute? does the supremacy of not being talked back to satisfy you? silence does not mean consent. it just means I’m not even going to bother wasting energy to come up with a reply. it annoys me to no end when recently people … Continue reading

learning how to cope

goals to be accomplished.. eventually. but hopefully A.S.A.P #1. learn to relax. that means i shouldn’t be too strict about deadlines and learn to accept that with limited time, i can never achieve perfection and learn to accept mistakes and good accidents. #2. Be less self conscious about my coughing and wheezing and learn to … Continue reading

asdfgh too

clearly my theory is right. why ask for my opinion when it doesn’t matter? clearly you’ve already made a judgement. ihyctytcawtlabtfm. rn, yadweed. its not that I’m ‘too selfless’, everybody else is just self-centered. self cent redness breaks down into two categories, self-interest-centredness and self-opinion-centredness. basically the self cent redness we normally know of is … Continue reading


the moral of the story is to depend on yourself and yourself only. never trust anybody to be there for you. because even the ones you think truly care has their own thoughts and clearly, nobody else’s matters as much. it’ll be nice to just be quiet, then maybe there won’t be sadness, hatred, betrayal … Continue reading

23:59 thoughts

i have learnt that words like “i’ll be there for you”, “you can count on me”, etc are 99.9% of the time just fanciful words. i will never trust a person who makes me wait again. it just shows the lack/absent of respect and concern for my time and being. “words come from the bottom … Continue reading

i should be working but..

I am craving for ear grey ice cream and pancake/waffles. I like the combination of cold dairy on hot fluffy starchy goodness ❤ I am also craving for a lot of other stuffs, such as.. -curly fries -rootbeer float -pizza -porridge -pasta -milktea -coffee -crossaint -cakes -fruit tarts -pot pie -bread -anything mushroom -anything potato … Continue reading

hairy matters

This is me with long hair.. 5th June 2012. I chopped my hair off 2months and 11 days later. as you can see, my hair is growing back pretty quickly.  its actually longer than it looks. Bear in mind I have slightly wavy hair, so the actual length is only revealed when my hair is … Continue reading

harder and harder to breathe

spent the afternoon resting at home and trying to not let missing school and the amount of work i have get to me and stress me out but apparently its not working. how much time do I have to spend resting in order to recover completely? ):