i should be working but..

I am craving for ear grey ice cream and pancake/waffles. I like the combination of cold dairy on hot fluffy starchy goodness ❤

I am also craving for a lot of other stuffs, such as..
-curly fries
-rootbeer float
-fruit tarts
-pot pie
-anything mushroom
-anything potato

I do admit that I'm lucky to be this shape despite the amount I eat, but deep down, I've wondered if I'll feel more disciplined, frugal and 'productive' if I used the money I've been spending on food for other purposes i.e donating to the charity or save up for something. And I will definitely have a better body image too.

another issue that has came to my attention is that I should improve on my time management. Although it doesn't suck, but it can certain do better. I squander hours everyday on tumblr and although they say "time you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time" but I can't help but feel that if i used those hours on something else like hitting the gym or reading a book, I will be much better off physically and intellectually.

as usual there are doubts about what I'm going to do when I graduate, if i can graduate at all..

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