asdfgh too

clearly my theory is right. why ask for my opinion when it doesn’t matter? clearly you’ve already made a judgement.

ihyctytcawtlabtfm. rn, yadweed. its not that I’m ‘too selfless’, everybody else is just self-centered. self cent redness breaks down into two categories, self-interest-centredness and self-opinion-centredness. basically the self cent redness we normally know of is self-interest-centredness, these people value their own well being, comfort and enjoyment above everything else, often at the expense of other’s. but to be honest, self-opinion-centredness is something we’re all guilty of. we regard what we perceive as justice and everything else that doesn’t fit is felony. we judge before we truly accept both sides of the argument.

there can never be fairness and there will never be a perfect solution where everybody is satisfied. hence there is never an absolute righteousness.


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