arguing with a mute

yep, what honor or accomplishments do you get when arguing with a mute?

does the supremacy of not being talked back to satisfy you? silence does not mean consent. it just means I’m not even going to bother wasting energy to come up with a reply.

it annoys me to no end when recently people say, “don’t need to talk, just rest” then they say something or ask a question that requires a reply from me. Once is fine, I take it as carelessness, twice is bearable too, I think its forgetfulness. Thrice, I just let it go. anything more, I’ll just not bother.

dont argue with a mute, go talk to a tree instead. or if you want endless replies, go find a chatterbox. I’m neither. All I do is avoid people and situations that requires me to talk when I obviously can’t/shouldn’t


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