too many

in my opinion, there are way too many

#1. “bad” good friends. They are basically selfish people who make use of others in excess in the name of friendship. of course theres always give and take and times when we have to be there for our friends, after all, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” I don’t mind meeting at a friend’s convenience and lending him/her things and money etc. but the friendship becomes all about that, I really do believe the unassuming kind soul should reflect on the friendship.

#2. ill-mannered people. People who push you to get a seat on buses and trains, people who don’t say excuse me, people who smoke at places where they are not suppose to, morons who block the escalator, retards that cut queues, etc. enough said. these people have no manners.

#3. bad parents. they feed their kids junk food way too often, they don’t set a god example, they don’t discipline their kids when they misbehave. they let their kids be a nuisance to the public, they deprive their kids of food while stuffing their fat faces, etc. These bad parents have just created a whole lot of trouble for the society’s future. and its the good parents and their kids who are brought up to be sensible adults that suffer. instead of euthanizing animals, we should put down these scumbags.

#4. people and urbanization. we’re killing the earth.


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