halloween (:

to walk through the first haunted house catered for a claustrophobic with you behind me -protectively wrapping your arms around me made it so much more bearable. -whenever you protective guard me from an approaching scare -putting up with my wimps and my one-track minded hunt for my blood-pack drink before we find ourselves a … Continue reading


like two angry strangers trying to know and understand each other. futile

non-homeless drifter

http://homes.yahoo.com/news/floating-homes-of-the-future.html?page=all I like the idea that houses can be on water. but i also fear for marine welfare and bio-diversity. I’d like to go to the Great Barrier Reef soon before it dies.

in the head

its quite an ironic problem. Anxiety problems cant just be cured with medication and awareness. In fact, awareness will trigger more anxieties since one becomes constantly conscious of every action and take caution against every possibility that could trigger an anxiety attack. sometimes, I think I need to differ/quit school and change my pace for … Continue reading