in the head

its quite an ironic problem. Anxiety problems cant just be cured with medication and awareness. In fact, awareness will trigger more anxieties since one becomes constantly conscious of every action and take caution against every possibility that could trigger an anxiety attack.

sometimes, I think I need to differ/quit school and change my pace for awhile and find balance again. To feel productive and true to my cause again. After two years in school, I feel like all art does is produce trash and take up space and glorify the rich and powerful. That is not what I wish for, I want to help and protect the helpless and defenseless. Humanity welfare is low in my priority actually, I want to save nature and by doing art, I’m doing the exact opposite of my cause. I should have just went JC and then study marine biology or ecology and campaign to shut down oil rigs that leaks and pollutes the sea and corals.

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