I will never be…

a bad parent who physically/verbally.mentally/emotionally abuses the child via threats/insults/criticisms etc. life is full of unknown but this I can say with confidence and pride. Advertisements

positively positive (:

I’ve realized that I’ll always have this positivity once my vacation period starts. It was not always so, because in primary and secondary school, regardless of school or holidays, I’ll generally feel alright. Life was carefree back then. The more “highly educated” I became, the more I hated school. I hate the system of meritocracy … Continue reading

6 more months

just hang in there for 6 more months.. after that I’d b able to… -work and be financially free -travel and save the animals -save up for my idea future -be a productive person -help make the world better -teach the next generation to protect the world

what on earth am I doing with my life?

I really should be tackling global warming and animal poaching and extinction issues and the feeding the hungry children in third world countries. WHY THE HELL AM I IN SCHOOL WASTING MONEY AND TIME?!?!?! what I aspire to do in life… -Save the animals -save the rainforest, arctic ice, oceans, coral reefs, etc -feed the … Continue reading

a day I dont feel like doing anything

everything normal is becoming tiring and troublesome. I just want to escape elsewhere for awhile. to just breathe slowly but deeply and meaningfully and realize I miss what I have. or maybe its because I want to regain control again. to not have to eat what people decided for me at a time that was … Continue reading