Last day of the year! And I haz a heartburn due to excessive consumption of mushroom, fish and tofu. Anyways. I must set myself some New Year’s Resolution! #1. STOP BEING SICKLY #2. GET MY PRE-ART SCHOOL FIGURE BACK #3. Find a good job #4. Work hard so my plans come into fruition #5. Own … Continue reading

Oh Christmas tree oh christmas tree

This Christmas… -The Mayans were wrong. 😦 pity. -I’m thankful for everybody and everything good in my life ❤ as always -I'm exceptionally thankful that whoever toxic has walked out of my world.


plan for life alone but keep it flexible incase the right one comes along and decides to stay. things I can accomplish alone. -cafe -ownership of pets -happy retirement -travel things I cant accomplish alone -have children things I cant accomplish alone but alternatives are available. -adopt children keeping things flexible. (:   6 more … Continue reading


i want to retire in Phuket, Sicily, Okinawa, Alaska, Cape Town or Banff. Perhaps New Zealand or Australia. If I live by the beach, I’ll sell ice cream and lemonade. If I live in the cold, I’ll run a cafe.