when you get taken for granted. -expected to stay online, wait, share ceaselessly, be emotional while receiving brief and/or short replies and updates. -being supportive of you going to study gets mistaken as being grumpy/angry -my preferences that I’ve told you about are forgotten its not even anger. it just pure disappointment, tired, numbed and … Continue reading

why sumers and sunny days are overrated

because movies made summer fun and promiscuous and sunny days are associated with extroverted fun and happiness. its just a cultural brainwash to make us be at terms with global warming and boost tourism to tropical and sub-tropical destinations (often developing countries) and ruin the natural habitat and pollute the waters and clear land for … Continue reading

Its harder when its on me

After helping to tend to/dress wounds from amputated limbs, maggot infestation, eyes with discharge, patches of missing scalpes, HIV/STD sores, etc. I cant believe i got freaked out by a little hole in my own throat. So much for the girl who will become a humanitarian. I am ashamed of myself. 😦 Or maybe its … Continue reading


$7000+. i honestly rather just die and donate the money to WWF. 😦 high D ward was $400+ and i couldnt shower. 😦

to stop myself from going senile

i really like this song. laid-back, some-what sanguine, some-what hopeful and just at-the-moment kinda song. I play it on loop whenever it rains (which is every afternoon the past week) and I just think about my life. I have this urge to pack my back and illegally drive around Malaysia with my poor sense of … Continue reading

got the piece of paper.

this is the official start of vacation. Like, my first ever Monday where I am not obliged to attend classes and enrich my brain with history, philosophy, literature or arts. and it feels pretty damn good. having spent the past three years learning about how society has shaped art or how art has contributed to … Continue reading

it could have been instant death.

So after 9 days of hospitalization and a minor surgery, a fibrous scar tissue was removed from my windpipe. Till date I still have no idea how much the whole process cost and how much effort exactly went into helping me live life more fulfilled and ample breathed. firstly, there is the issue of unequal … Continue reading

Despite all said

If she is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, would you really shut her out? Even a puppy eventually stops waiting and plays by itself in the garden when locked out.


I am happier now. There are still worries, but I am really more relaxed. No more mad rush, no more trust-issues. No more hang-ups about gain-loss considerations. Just this more relaxed me thats slightly closer to how I was before. Down-to-earth but less worries. No need for perfect defenses because I’m safe with good people … Continue reading