got the piece of paper.

this is the official start of vacation. Like, my first ever Monday where I am not obliged to attend classes and enrich my brain with history, philosophy, literature or arts. and it feels pretty damn good. having spent the past three years learning about how society has shaped art or how art has contributed to the overall cultural development or maybe how art just became another manifestation of capitalism, all I want to do now is to earn a living and do what I want.


after three years of deadlines, projects, exhibitions, commissions, people-matters. I am really glad to be certified enough to direct my own learning. maybe I will end up re-interpreting Freud or Kandinsky and then spend 2years sitting at the same spot at the same cafe and documenting everything and then getting my phd in cafe-patron behaviorism whiel I make this really cool time lapse video for my installation and then once my papers are approved I become a consultant for starbucks and then I take the sum I’ve been paid to stop whaling activities in Japan.


sounds like a plan.

but its quite an honour, actually, at this point of time, I have yet to be officially presented with my cert, but my mentor wrote me a letter of recommendation and sent my research over to a few colleges. of course, I could either go into arts writing and research or specialize in ceramics OR i could do the very insane and go study chemistry, which will lead me down another 6years of studying. so much to learn and so little time and resources. I am semi tempted to take up medicine or veterinary just so it can come in useful when I finally become a full time humanitarian. maybe i should befriend a doctor/nurse who is passionate about helping the less fortunate and start some funding thing. 

until the stupid tube is removed and I can go out for interviews without getting strange looks. I have all the time in the world to ponder how I can save up for my nature reserve [:

I think once I get an actual credit card, I should invest in buying ebooks. I just realised we havent got enough modernist writings in the bookstores. and I wouldnt mind a whole shelf worth of cookbooks and stare at the pictures when I get hungry in the middle of the night.


the last thing before I get a complete closure and break from everything is September? cant wait to terminate the number so the irresponsible, unaccountable, unreasonable no time-management selfish pain-in-the-arse can be out of my life for good


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