to stop myself from going senile

i really like this song. laid-back, some-what sanguine, some-what hopeful and just at-the-moment kinda song. I play it on loop whenever it rains (which is every afternoon the past week) and I just think about my life.

I have this urge to pack my back and illegally drive around Malaysia with my poor sense of direction and just sleep in the car and maintain personal hygene with wet wipes and mouthwash. I miss bagpacking around Taiwan and Nepal. I really need to work on getting my driving license back so I can drive whenever I travel. I miss bringing my camera out and taking pictures. My camera strap is so classic and pretty. ❤ and now that my lungs are triple-y proven to be extremely healthy, I can finally go back to watersports. or at least do underwater photography.

maybe I should go for a barista course. or work part time at Starbucks for awhile just to act-out the starving artist stereotype and wear hipster glasses and mock the wannabes.


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