You Should Fall In Love With Them A Second Time

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Shutterstock Relationships always have problems. I don’t think I’ve ever had any relationship, friendship or otherwise, that was 100% problem free. Either my own problems, or my friend or boyfriend’s problems, and how all those issues end up impacting the relationship. In a way, it’s sort of what you sign…

trash is treasure

and now the weekends I set aside, that you dont cherish at all, despite looking for a job are finally mine to utilize to be productive with.


Cold nights amplify emotions. Happiness becomes happier and the “bleh” feeling becomes “:(“. On cold nights like these when I feel rather bummed out. I wish I knew how to lift my mood.

I am the wind

I am the wind, You are a rock. I won’t let you tie me down. You don’t let me lift you up. A rock is surrounded by weeds. The wind may pass by weeds, but winds run wild and free, Rocks and weeds stay put. The wind likes light. Free, and formless alike. They can’t … Continue reading

22 Things You Could Be Doing With Your Life Besides Getting Married

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Though I am all for the concept of marriage and support fully anyone who wants to engage in it themselves (in the sanctity of a church and/or plastered all over Facebook), it can sometimes feel — particularly as a woman — as though your accomplishments don’t amount to much if…


I.hate.bumming. …….. No I dont hate bumming. I hate being broke and walking by cute strays and knowing I don’t even have money to feed myself what more buy food for them. 😦 I hate being stuck at home watching the world go by, reading news of people dying, animals dying, the ice melting etc … Continue reading

cold rainy summer nights

irony; like life, my thoughts and my feelings. I dont understand how its to lucid dream, but i know how it feels to feel like my spirit can breath underwater but my lifeless body is sinking and the seabed is never there to beckon its fall. I know I’m awake, but I dont know if … Continue reading


“though the truth may vary, but this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.” and believing it takes faith.

Marine life park and USS.


my bro will be back from Taiwan in a few hours. heading to the airport soon (if I stay awake) and I hope he buys me 太阳饼. there are plenty more goodies I’d like to have but they are perishables. 😦 I miss Taiwan. but I’m looking forward to Wintery Japan and more. For now … Continue reading