getting old(er)

when my skin doesnt heal as perfectly as it used to. when what used to be blemish free natural fair and rosy is now sensitive, easily sun-burnt and freckled and dry. my already visible veins now makes me look like I have eyebags. oh! and the bloody weak immunity. attempting to be a super-girl doesnt … Continue reading


unemployment, stagnant progression, lack of income is depressing.


I earnestly, sincerely, devotedly wish that this Saturday will be a success. ❤   i think the rain has washed away all the heat fatigue and tension and everybody has just settled into a better mood. oh! rain, how I love thou

Cronuts’ recipe

Food52logo Homemade Cronuts (Croissoughnuts?) By JulieVR Editors’ Comments: Puff pastry sounds daunting to make from scratch, but it’s really a matter of mixing together a basic yeasted dough, slathering it with butter and then folding it up like a letter a bunch of times, rolling and chilling between each fold. You can be rough with … Continue reading