When Love Fails

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
I don’t think it is possible for love to fail. I think that love in this world is always an achievement and when it ends, it just means that a victory lap can only go on for so long. We don’t think less of the skill of Spain’s football team…

unglam on a bad day

crying, puffy eyes, pale as crap, tissue up my nose to absorb blood, choking on snot, snotting, hungry and thirsty, bloody mouth. how bad can the day get. stupid. gahhh


I know why you love bitches. They are mean and inconsiderate, so they make life tough, challenging and hence time spent with them was memorable. Bitches are demanding, so they made you feel like you can provide, they make you feel manly when they empty your wallet. Bitches are slave drivers and men are suckers … Continue reading


Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street Faster than the wind Passionate as sin, ended so suddenly Loving him is like trying to change your mind Once you’re already flying through the free fall Like the colors in autumn So bright just before they lose it all Losing him … Continue reading


I wished i had a person to hug me and lend me a lap to rest on when i cry. Where is the heartbreak sleepover + binge fest +girl power song karaoke BFF? Even more so, at times like these, i wish i have pets.


Dont cry, you stupid girl. Why ruin your eyes over big empty promises and constant deceits? Dont be silly, stupid girl. You were too easy to pacify, too stupid to trust again and too blind to see that he never thought you were worth putting in effort for. Girl, its alright to have been stupid. … Continue reading

The chorus of my favourite song

While other girls are expecting love songs, letters, and every other thing from their boyfriend, i couldnt even count on mine to be honest and open. Now you’re just somebody that i used to know. Oh well. Now hes free to text, fuck, club and do whatever with whoever he wants. I can stop worrying … Continue reading

14th august 2013

Had a very good sleep. One less source of anxieties and worries and doubts. Just absolut solitude and the feeling of safety. Snuggling up to bolsters and duvets is the most comforting thing to do

excessive posting for the day

feeling sad is not worth it, caring is not worth it, crying results in choking mucus. so all I can do is just be zen. just because I’m sad doesn’t mean I have to cry. find positive outlets, diet, walk, lose weight, look good, get a job, feed the strays and travel.   i shall … Continue reading

how it probably feels to suffocate

I have experiences of difficulty coughing out phlegm before, but this time, it was really scary. A blob of phlegm that choked up my whole air passage and too heavy to push out. I bend over, jumped, pounded my chest, inhaled and exhaled to no avail but still it refused to come out but the … Continue reading