I know why you love bitches. They are mean and inconsiderate, so they make life tough, challenging and hence time spent with them was memorable. Bitches are demanding, so they made you feel like you can provide, they make you feel manly when they empty your wallet. Bitches are slave drivers and men are suckers for abuse and humiliation. And since bitches have a hoard of guys at their disposal, any attention given to you will make you feel special and stroke you ego. Getting a bitch is like reaching the summit of Everest.

Bitches have more ‘bad’ days than good, so on her good days, guys regards her as an angel.

So the non bitchy girl will get taken for granted. The normal girl will ask you to save up, encourage you to be thrifty and be easily pleased with cheap and effortless gestures. they will be regarded as boring, will not seem worth the effort and will always be called unreasonable when she voices out. The normal girl gives you her undivided attention and you take it for granted calling it clingy and finding it boring. because a man is so used to not putting in effort with the normal girl, he will never fight to protect her, he will never put in effort to honour the promises he made to her, he will never cherish the good memories he had with her an he will never cherish her the way he cherishes the bitchy girl

Since a non-bitchy girl has more normal days than bad days, she’s normally boring but a total asshole on her bad day.

thats life.

but you know what? the normal girl will eventually be happy with her close friends and perhaps a family of her own. The boys who chased after the bitches will be stuck working his ass off to pay off his credit card bills and be a single parent trying to hook up with a normal lady who got dumped by her husband.


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