the end

when people dont cherish the chances you give, the time, effort and compromises you’ve put in and just lie and make excuses to defend their unwillingness to change and understand your point.

  • yes, if you were truly busy doing YOUR work, I’ll be supportive. but you’re not. at the end of the day, I am just sacrificing for you, but you sacrifice your time for a bunch of people who don’t matter and defend it.
  • I have really been quite selfless all through the relationship, not boasting, but I have really never enjoyed all the ‘special efforts’a significant-other makes. I have never enjoyed a trip that I didnt plan, I have never been just a ‘girly girl’. I remember dressing for a casual dinner only to realize I had to hike with breathing problems and get told off because my underpants can be seen. I remember being blamed when the guide was late picking us up at the airport. I remember being your workers’replacements all the time and being the punching bag for your frustrations. I remember giving you chances, waiting, nagging and helping only to see no improvement and all I ever got was more excuses. I remember suggesting many ideas to get dismissed, ignored but when the same idea is mentioned by others, you gladly accept it and sing praises.
  • Where is the give and take? Where is the appreciation? Where is the respect, regard and concern?


This is not a relationship at all.


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