A Convincing Love Is No Kind of Love At All

Thought Catalog

He was the kind of guy you could easily fall in love with. The kind that cooks you pancakes in the morning, rubs your shoulders when you’re stressed, tells you you’re beautiful when you feel it least. Yeah, those kinds of guys are sweet in the beginning, but underneath there was always something else; a different side, a hollow shell.

There was always something about him you couldn’t put your finger on, wasn’t there? There had been traces of it all along but perhaps you just ignored those signs. Believed they were the results of a bad day, remnants from a previous relationship gone awry.

You were willing to see the worst of him and the best of him and love both parts equally because you thought it made you stronger. You thought if he was selfish and you were unselfish that was okay because sometimes people need to be…

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