Stop Caring So Much About Being Right

not being right is fine, but when your ideals are constantly being challenged, being right is important

Thought Catalog

There are times when stubbornness gets the best of us. We so vehemently believe we are correct about something that we start bubbling with rage. Our tempers flare and erupt. They consume our thoughts about not only the idea we are arguing against but about the person with whom we are arguing. And before you know it, the argument has nothing to do with the argument anymore. It’s exhausting.

Why do we have such a strong desire to be right all the time? What is it about being right that excites us, even if it’s at the expense of those we love? We can all agree that being right simply feels good. It’s inherently satisfying. But why?

Basically, it all comes down to our egos. “Ego” is a word that tends to have a negative connotation, but it really doesn’t have to. Simply put, an ego is a sense of…

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