life long ambition(s)

I am very passionate about conserving nature and wildlife. because i believe as long as nature is protected, all hope is not lost. I used to be insanely passionate about humanitarian work and education too. but i realised under privileged children being exposed to so much ideologies of people like me,  from developed countries, will … Continue reading

a modern day beta woman with alpha facade

very often, as much as I hate to admit it, I am similar to my mum. How can I not be? she brought me up, she is my first and only constant female role model. I fear to be her at her worst, I long to be like her at her best too. She is … Continue reading

to be ‘semi’

putting my life back in perspective! (: theres something about being semi-alone thats ever so comforting, familiar and safe. of course it’ll be nice to know that there’s somebody who’ll care, listen, cuddle, pamper and kiss the tears away but the crap one has to go through to seek such a uncertain and risky comfort … Continue reading

being internally neutral

you may say I’m jaded, but I often think being alone is better. my family has time after time again steered my thoughts in that direction. you see, when you’re with people, you experience happiness. Undeniable. but along with it comes disappointment, frustration, time wastage, anger, sadness, hurt. Being alone on the other hand, doesn’t … Continue reading


all my life i wanted to make a difference. I realized what I’ve wanted/wished for has never changed but my emphasis, approach and focus shifts. After some years of discovery, I’m finally in the right place. But something is still not quite complete. Things I’ve always ben passionate about, Animal rights, environmental conservation, certain human … Continue reading

in my mental

The Mad Hatter: Have I gone mad? [Alice checks Hatter’s temperature] Alice Kingsley: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. REALLY? I certainly hope so. because I think my sanity is fading away beneath my normal facade. I’m perusing perfection that isn’t practical for my … Continue reading

function over fashion

yeah, a boyfriend now wouldn’t be to make me look good. it’ll be to make my life easier. so heres a list of things I’ll do IF i get a boyfriend.   #1. fall asleep on the bus while he watches out for the destination. #2. let my shoulders rest while he carries my bag. … Continue reading

facts about me #14 – #20

#14. I’ve thought about rowing an inflatable life buoy all across the pacific before #15. I used to make 21 the ideal age to get married and 23 the age to have my first child. #16. I used to think I can grow wings if I ate chicken wings faithfully (just like how I ate … Continue reading

tick tock tick tick ticking away

i think my optimism and self-delusion gets over-heated and malfunctions when I’m sick. So I spent the entire day feeling crappy about resting and not doing anything (apart from updating my playlist what I’ll play when I do my work).   “you’re getting too old to have the luxury to make mistakes”, says Mum. Geesh, … Continue reading

thoughts on the art-making train ride thinking

when it looks like you’ve got a snake/worm burrowing beneath your skin… gah. I think I’ve been doing counter-productive ceramics practice the past few days. I don’t stop for breaks and i ignore those cramps. Now I’ve got what I deserve and my wrists hurts like hell. this week is like a roller coaster ride. … Continue reading