I’d rather dream

everything feels really surreal..

here I am, with the whole small, cozy and safe bay to myself. But all I wish is you to be by my side. We could lie on the sand, gaze at the clear starry sky, inhale the fresh unpolluted air. Listen to the waters swishing and cicadas of the summer nights. Or we could be sharing my favorite rock, submerging our bodies in the cooling waters while I massage your back with the sand.Perhaps you’ll be practicing Tai-ji in front of the house and I’ll get you water and towel after I prepare the bath.

We could simply sit on the veranda/balcony rocking the rattan chair, talking, holding hands and falling asleep to the breeze.

whatever it is, I’ve never thought of coming back here like this. My dream/vision of this place is nolonger my place of solitude, but our little safe get away when life became too stressful for you.

I’d really rather just continued dreaming…

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